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Cultivated the mind of the Italian
Tina Modotti and Edward Weston Anniversary Mexico  This is not an anecdotal or casual fact the time would come when these frivolities would be the ruin of the photographer who would one day be thrown in her face in courts and newspapers. In addition many Mexicans had seen some of the Hollywood movies that Tina herself parodied at gatherings with friends . Modotti was nice and a great conversationalist like a good Italian. Aside from being flirtatious and goodlooking she was also surprisingly intelligent. And best of all at least for her numerous suitors she did not have the typical prejudices of Mexican society regarding the modesty of that time and sexuality.

The apprentice began to interact e-commerce photo editing with the artistic and intellectual world and soon began the parade of intellectuals and artists in the house that those foreigners rented. Tina had had a limited education that was quickly and efficiently remedied not only by Weston but also by the elite of the Mexican intelligentsia who. The couple approached Diego Rivera's friends Xavier and Elisa Guerrero Jean Charlot Dr. Lola Cueto portrait  While all of the above was happening Modotti's circle of friends grew. The shy moody and practically mute Weston seemed to fade into the background. However people did not forget that this man had drunk from the photosecessionists themselves.

[Image: E-Commerce-Photo-Editing-1.jpg]

Alfred Stieglitz Edward Steichen Paul Strand were names in Weston's pocket diary. The Romantic Period Tina Photo Apprentice Edward made the Italian girl carry the heavy photographic equipment the box cameras with their wooden tripods because the American favored large formats. Both visited the same scenes and little by little Tina was taking her first steps. The first photographic stage of Tina Modotti begins. It was  and her tutoring with Weston would last until. Manuel Álvarez Bravo would call this period the Romantic Period  where the teacher's influence is so great that it becomes overwhelming.
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