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Forza 7's greatest strength is its diversity of driving experiences
Forza Motorsport 7 gives off a great first impression. Professional drivers introduce you to the various disciplines of racing while you get to reenact the crowning moments of their career. The game gives you an allotment of “mods” to boost the credits you earn and the campaign mode’s first category briskly moves you along to make you believe this is going to be a high-octane experience.

The first thing you'll notice about Forza 7 is that it strips away the often amusing glorification and ostentatiousness of motorsport that decorated the series' last few games. Granted, I loved the dulcet voice over of Jeremy Clarkson when he dispensed with insight and trivia on cars and courses. Forza 7 relies less on wooing you with superficial spectacles and instead lets the cars and courses speak for themselves. This break from the ceremonious aspects of motorsport is a welcome one, especially when all you want to do is race.

And the car list is breathtaking. It comes with the usual press-release bragging about its sheer size, but its taste and erudition are more remarkable. The Forza series as a whole has really benefitted from the to-and-fro between Motorsport and its younger spinoff series Horizon, not least in how they populate each other's car lists; the latter's appreciation of street-level car culture makes a spicy counterpoint to the former's celebration of motor racing heritage (though importing Horizon 3's heavy-duty off-roaders into this strictly tarmac-bound game is a bizarre choice). Outrageous tuner specials, historic racers and iconic production cars can all be drooled over in the gorgeous Autovista car viewer - and heard, too, in the wonderfully throaty and loud audio. With Gran Turismo narrowing its focus in this year's GT Sport, this is now unquestionably the most authoritative and loving of racing game car catalogues.

From a purely gameplay perspective, Forza 7 is really solid. The handling model isn’t exactly realistic or strictly arcade style, but a nice balance between the two. Each player can take hours tweaking various mechanics from tire pressure to weight distribution, or you can just pick a car that looks fancy and take it to the track. This is a game that can be as involved as you want or as hands-off as you need.

Like many Forza Motorsports before it, Forza 7's greatest strength is its diversity of driving experiences, which says something for a series that relies mostly on circuit races, rather than adding point-to-point and off-road competition. The challenge of weaving a Mini Cooper through traffic at 45 miles per hour can be as thrilling as navigating your way through the various slopes and dips in Dubai Circuit of the Emirates. These moments are made all the more rewarding thanks to the 122 finely detailed and authentic track configurations spread across its 32 locations.

No-one will be surprised to learn that the game is strikingly good-looking, with immaculate car models, immersive camera shake and evocative weather effects. Nor will anyone really be surprised to learn that Turn 10 is making only halting progress on some of the most requested features. Dynamic weather and track conditions are in, finally, but dynamic time of day is not, so a proper endurance racing experience is still a no-no.

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